Class Schedule for Fall 2014


Keystone Pipeline, Fracking, and Resistance to Corporate Greed

 Presentation and Discussion with Keith Bagwell and Elna Otter, local Sierra Club leaders 

 Saturday, September 6     2:00 pm 

 What's going on in North Dakota and across the Plains?  Fracking, the Keystone XL pipeline, exploding rail tankers, and oil spills threatening the Ogallala aquifer which spans eight states.  Do you feel safer?  Speakers will explain these new developments and we'll discuss how to defend our planet from this corporate greed driven oil and gas boom. 



SPINtervention:  Frame Yourself or Get Framed!

 Presentation and Discussion with Andrea Witte, Nationally appreciated creator of "Connect the Dots USA" 

 Saturday, September 20           2:00  pm

 When we use or negate long entrenched "conservative" language like "tax relief", "entitlements", or "pro life", we've lost the argument before it's even begun.  While many Americans might think of themselves as "conservative",  they consistently support progressive values and policies like Social Security, Medicare, ending wars, and taxing the rich.  What better time than the 2014 campaign stretch to talk about fixing our language and changing the conversation.



Fighting for Our Lives

 Film and Discussion 

 Saturday, October 4     2:00 pm  

 Oscar nominated portrayal of the United Farm Workers 1973 strike when California grape workers made history by walking off the job to fight for a union contract.  A moving testimonial to the bravery of the farm workers in their non-violent struggle against police brutality on the picket line. 



The Nature of Work Today

 Panel discussion with Maya Castillo, President of Service Employees Int'l Union Arizona,  Steve Valencia, Chair of Tucson's Jobs with justice Coalition and Fred Yamashita, Southern Arizona Director of United Food and Commercial Workers

Saturday, October 18           2:00 pm
Working people are facing rampant unemployment, falling wage rates, contracting out, part time and temp jobs and insecurity on jobs where they are treated without due dignity.  So how do we deal with global capitalism in the 21st century?  Panelist will discuss new styles of struggle as labor shifts to organizing domestic workers, fast food, Walmart, public employees, and broad coalitions. 


After the 2014 Elections:  Where Do We Go from Here?

 Presentation and Discussion with John Bachtell, National Chair, Communist Party USA  

 Saturday, November 8        2:00    pm

 Newly elected CPUSA Chair, John Bachtell, will discuss the 2014 election results and what they mean to American working people.  How will the results impact our struggle to resist the corporate onslaught on our living conditions and planet earth, as well as the prospects for building the broad coalitions to create a better future?



American Gandhi 

 Presentation and book signing with Leilah Danielson, Associate Professor of History, NAU 

 Saturday, November 22                    2:00 pm 

 Sister Danielson will speak about the subject of her new book, "American Gandhi:  A. J. Muste and the History of Radicalism in the Twentieth Century", a political biography of Muste's evolving political and religious views.  His leadership in the labor movement of the 1930's and the post WWII peace movement offers  an important lesson in the history of American Radicalism.  His life should be an example for today's young radicals, and his views should be weighed and discussed by all who struggle for a better future.  Stay for refreshments and book signing.