Fall 2016 schedule
The 2016  Convergence at the Border
Presentation by Maria Luisa Rosal, Field Organizer, school of the Americas Watch
Saturday, September 10th                 2:00  pm 
SOA Watch, the movement that for years converged on the School of the Americas in Georgia has changed their focus to the US/Mexican border and will be mobilizing for a huge convergence on the border in Nogales October 7 - 10 2016.  Using workshops, art, music and resistance the Convergence will particularly focus on exposing the root causes of migration, resisting militarization of the border, ending incarceration of migrants and stopping US intervention in the Americas.  Sister Rosal will detail the breath of this undertaking and how we can all help make for a massive turnout that can have an impact on the 2016 elections.
The Feminization of Migration
Presentation and discussion with Anna Ochoa O’Leary, PhD. UA Dept. of Mexican American Studies
Saturday,  September  24th              2:00  pm

In the last few decades millions of people have been forced to migrate as a result of wars, poverty, environmental degradation and political repression.  We Americans have seen the particularly large migration from Mexico and other Latin American countries into the United States.  Corporate policies championed by successive US administrations, like NAFTA, have played a major role in destroying rural economies leading to an especially significant migration of woman and youths.  Professor O’Leary will discuss the many causes of migration and some of the ways women migrants and their supporters fight back.  


Acta De Marusia


Film and Discussion 
Saturday,  October 1st              2:00  pm

This Mexican made film, nominated for an Academy Award in 1976 covers a dark chapter in the history of Chile.  It’s the true story of a 1907 revolt by workers in a small Chilean mining town who had grown tired of ruthless oppression by their British owned mining company.  Fearing that the revolt will spread, the  bosses’ and Chilean government’s solution was to send in the army and completely destroy the town and massacre its inhabitants.  
Planned Parenthood:  A National Treasure across Generations
Panel Discussionion with Longtime activist Anita Torrez, Melissa Garcia, Outreach Coordinator for Planned Parenthood, and AZ LD2 State Senator Andrea Dalessandro
Saturday,   October 15th              2:00  pm 
Planned Parenthood is under severe attack by the ultra right all over the country.  But why are they attacking an organization that has contributed so much to our health and wellbeing?  Panelists will discuss the contributions and obstacles PP has faced over the years.  Torrez about the difficulties she faced working for PP in the early 1950’s, Garcia about her work for PP today and Sen. Dalessandro will address the political attacks on PP and on women’s health care in the right wing Arizona legislature.
Eugene V. Debs:  American Socialist
Lecture and discussion with David Myers, retired Labor History Professor and longtime Activist
Saturday, October 29th              2:00  pm


Seems like the Bernie Sanders campaign has resurrected interest in this largely forgotten radical.  Gene Debs was a giant figure in the socialist movement sweeping America in the early 20th century.  Rising to fame as a leading labor organizer, Debs emerged as the leading figure  of the Socialist Party.  While in prison for his staunch opposition to  US participation in the first World War he received around one million votes in the 1920 presidential elections.  He was the Socialist Party’s candidate for President four times.  Brother Myers will discuss Debs’ contributions to the American working class and discuss some of the lessons we can learn for the struggles ahead. 



The 2016 Elections


Workshop with Joe Bernick, Director of Salt of the Earth Labor College


Saturday,  November  12th             2:00  pm

The 2016 elections will be over.  We’ll know the winners and losers, except in Maricopa County where they may still be counting.  This workshop will evaluate not only  the makeup of the new Congress and other elected offices, but also the impact of the Bernie Sanders campaign and movement; independent and third party candidacies;  the role of organized labor and the racially and nationally oppressed; and the movements that grew in support or opposition to the many ballot propositions.