Class Schedule for Fall 2015



A panel discussion with political activists Patrick Morales, Jenise Porter, and Dan O'neal from the Sanders campaign in Arizona.  
Saturday, September 12th                 2:00  pm 
The presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders is picking up steam.  Will this be a broadly appealing left movement that challenges the fundamentals of American capitalism?  can this be a campaign that teaches American voters who is screwing them and the need to mount an organized resistance?  How can we make sure the Sanders campaign helps build the peoples' movements against corporate greed and the ultra-right. 



A community workshop with panel including Russell Lowes, Sierra Club Rincon Group Energy Chair,  Environmental activist Nancy Freeman, and James Jordan of the Alliance for Global Justice.


Saturday,  September  26th              2:00  pm 


Fresh water shortages are a looming threat to the world’s population.  The situation is very acute in the western US and in our southwest particularly.  So we asked several local environmental activists to share their thoughts on how the water issue could be resolved if we had a society where important decisions were made based on humane considerations, logic, and respect to historical indigenous rights.  






Presentation and discussion with Dereka Rushbrook, Community Activist and Educator, UA Geography 


Saturday,  October  10th              2:00  pm


The news is full of stories about Cuba as an island "stuck in the '50s,"  now on the verge of change.  But Cuba and its Revolution have always been evolving, perhaps never more so than over the past few years; billboards remind its people that these changes are designed to strengthen the socialist project.  Recently-established cooperatives, alongside an expanded cuentapropista (small business) sector, offer new options to workers and consumers.  Whether it's black-market lobster served at private restaurants, wi-fi in the central plaza, or a weekly drag show at the Cafe Cantante in the National Theater, the landscape is changing, as is daily life for most Cubans -- and the impact of changing US-Cuban relations has yet to take shape.  Join us for a discussion of these changes and what they mean for Cubans and US visitors.






Film and discussion 


Saturday,   October  24th              2:00  pm 


Tis is a story of mostly immigrant workers who defy their corporate bosses to organize in Downtown Los Angeles office buildings.  And it’s the more personal story of a young undocumented migrant who joins with a union organizer to stand up to her ruthless employer.   The film, directed by Ken Loach, won the Golder Palm award at the Cannes Film Festival.






Workshop with Molly McGovern, Deputy Political Director at UFCW Local 99 


Saturday,  November  7th              2:00  pm


Communities across the country are recognizing that healthy workers are productive workers.  No one should have to choose between working while sick, losing pay or facing discipline.  Sister McGovern will explain why it’s time to mount a campaign in Arizona for the right to days off when sick and discuss the growing local and national movements to win this needed reform.





Film with discussion led by Cam Juarez, community activist and member of TUSD School Board
Saturday,  November 14th              2:00  pm
Super exploited tomato pickers in Southern Florida, organized as  the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, battle to defeat the $4 trillion global supermarket industry through their ingenious fair food organizing program.  The film documents the struggle of immigrant workers to ensure a more dignified life for themselves and a more humane and transparent food chain.